If you’re busy expanding operations, managing staff, increasing revenue streams, saving the planet – or all of these – you don’t have time to manage your design and marketing. You need a partner who can handle it, to your high standards.

Hello, I’m Genevieve, and this is Red Lemon Creative.


We translate business goals into design that achieves them.

A website, collateral or branding that matches your company’s track record of excellence is a tall order. We can handle it, with gusto. Your goal is to grow your thriving business. So is ours.


You have high expectations. We'll meet them and raise you.

You’re running the show. You need big brains to rely on, people who get it done. When it comes to design and marketing, we fill that role. At both a strategic and an executional level.


You have an idea a minute. We bring the best ones to life.

You’re impressive. Let us help you impress. You’re driven. Let us help drive your business. You’ve got ideas. We pinpoint the strategy, provide the capabilities, and give your ideas legs.

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Creative Strategy

The driving force behind all collateral.

A solid strategy and big-picture clarity tie all our services together. Before we tackle any design challenge, we seek to understand your business challenges, your target audience, your capabilities, and the market forces at play. Our sweet spot is operating as your trusted advisor for all things creative. Look to us not just for the right answers – but for the right questions.


Web Design + Development

When your business evolves, your website is outdated.

It’s a classic story. You launch a website, then go heads-down to grow your business. You look up to find you’re thriving but your website tells last year's tale. Whether you’re just starting out or going back to square one, we help you convey an accurate, compelling story – built on a technical foundation that allows room for future growth.


Online Marketing

If you (just) build it, they won’t come.

Is your website a tree falling in a forest? With more than a billion sites online, competition is stiff. We make sure your message is heard above the din – resulting in increased leads, sales, sign-ups, tweets, followers, donations, and more. Online advertising, social media strategy: there’s a science to it all, and we happen to think science is cool.


Print Design

The reason us Gen Xers got into this gig.

Remember paper? Nobody can do everything online (and thank goodness). Businesspeople still hand out cards, buy ad space, sling flyers. From data-rich infographics to slick reports to inspiring invitations – we identify exactly what type of collateral packs the most punch for your audience. Then we create it. On message, on brand, on target.


Identity Design

Uh oh, is your logo sagging?

Your brand is much more than a logo. However, the most visible element of your brand is… your logo. We hold your visual identity sacred, and make sure you're on brand in every endeavor. If you don't have one yet, we'll help you create the face of your organization. If it’s time for a shiny new look, or maybe just a facelift – we’ll tell you. Kindly.


Advising + Consulting

If you only had (another) brain.

You’re the director, the CEO, queen or king of the hill. You have decisions to make about your organization’s design, branding, marketing or website. You need a critical thinker, a design thinker, a collaborator in achieving your goals. Trust us to do the research, advise on tough calls, and serve as a sounding board.


Genevieve Margherio

Genevieve Margherio

Principal + Creative Director

Hi, I’m Genevieve. If you're working with Red Lemon Creative, you're working with me. My clients engage me because of my track record, and keep me around because I make their businesses better and their lives easier.

About me: I have a BFA in Graphic Design and I’ve been working in web and print for more than 15 years (agency-side and in-house, for-profit and non-profit, Midwest and Pacific Northwest). I started Red Lemon Creative in 2009 out of a desire to take on more diverse work and collaborate directly with leaders. I run my business with precision and verve – and that’s how I help my clients run theirs.

About you: I work with leaders of thriving organizations who have immediate and ongoing marketing and design needs. If you need high-caliber creative strategy and the chops to deliver design with panache – let's talk.

Red Lemon Creative engagements often demand a team approach. I customize a braintrust for your project from my fleet of vetted colleagues, including these trusted specialists:

Jodi Sweetman Project Management

David McKelvey Development

Kayt de Fever Graphic Design

Tracy Caretto Web Design

DelMain Analytics Search + Social Marketing

Carey Otto UX + UI Design

Carol Carmick Brand Strategy + Content

Chris Roettger Illustration

Lisa Holmes Graphic Design

Web Concentrate Development

Martha Koenig Art Direction

Nate Currie Graphic Design

Jeff Harshman Videography

Paul Sloboda Motion Graphics

Jennifer Hodgdon Development

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